Are 2 in 1 laptops worth it?

are 2 in 1 laptops worth it

If you’re looking for a new laptop, in particular something that’s super lightweight and portable, then you’ve probably seen those 2-in-1 (or hybrid) laptops that can transform into an extra large tablet.  You’ve probably thought how cool it would be to replace your old-school “clamshell” laptop, tablet and/or ebook reader with just a single device.  But do 2-in-1’s make good tablets, and are all of those other modes you’ve seen in the reviews actually useful, or just gimmicks that some guy in marketing invented?  Are 2 in 1 laptops worth it for the extra price you’ll pay?  This post will hopefully help you decide.

Beginner’s Guide to Rental Property Depreciation

Beginner’s Guide to Rental Property Depreciation

So you bought an investment property – good on ya. Now you need to know how depreciation works so you can pay less tax.  This post provides a beginner’s guide to rental property depreciation in Australia, and will help you to manage your own finances and do your own tax return. A spreadsheet is also provided to help illustrate the concepts and do the sums for you, and you can freely download or copy the spreadsheet and use it to calculate your annual depreciation amounts.

Beginner’s Guide to Capital Gains Tax for Investment Properties

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If you’re an Australian property investor and you want to know how Capital Gains Tax works, you’ve come to the right place. This post introduces the basic concepts behind capital gains tax in Australia; explains what happens if your investment property was also your main residence for a portion of the time; shows how depreciation fits into the equation; and provides a step-by-step guide to calculating CGT. A spreadsheet is provided to help illustrate the concepts and calculations, and if you like managing your own finances and doing your own tax, then you can edit the spreadsheet yourself to work out your CGT.